Pat has seriously trained her dogs in bitework, carting and herding and continues to utilize bitework and herding for breeding criteria.  Pat has shown several of her Bouviers (as well as other breeds) to AKC conformation championships. The focus now is pure performance.   

​She has trained and shown 3 bouviers to advanced titles in herding and is now training her 4th. Pat garnered an HIT at the 2013 ABdFC Nat’l with her current Bouvier, Crestwood’s Belgian Quintessence de Fellstar "Edmund".  Pat's first Bouv to trial in herding, Celt, (Fellstar's Marque 'O th' Celt), now deceased, earned High in Trials and other awards, including a High in Trial/High Combined in Trial/Most Promising All Breed and the ASCA belt buckle, over competing Australian Shepherds, at a Jackie Kenson Classic 3 day trial,  This included trialing on ducks, sheep and cattle, placing 1st or 2nd in 9 classes over 3 days of trialing.  Celt went on to be the 1st Bouvier in history to earn the ASCA coveted Ranch Dog Certification (not a trial title but a working dog certification for ranch use) and advanced herding titles.  Celt was lost when he was severely injured while working stock at home. Pat also has a High in Trial at the ACD Nat’l Specialty with a friend’s ACD as well as trained and titled the dog to its AHBA Herding Championship.  Pat has earned RsvHIT & HIT with several breeds. She's enjoyed trialing with a Belgian Sheepdog, Cardigan Corgis, a Kelpie, Border Collie and many ACDs. 
She is an AKC and AHBA herding judge and periodically gives herding clinics when time allows.  Another accomplished Bouv in the Taylor household is Arion's Yen T' Go To Fellstar "Go". Go is the 2nd Bouvier in history to obtain an AHBA Herding Championship with several HITs, including ABdFC HIT and HIT combined and Herding Champion and NAWBA Herding Champion and AKC top 20, etc.  Pat is an active law enforcement officer and currently works as a Patrol Deputy in her home county in Texas.