I have been breeding, training and working Bouviers since 1981. My kennel name comes from our first Bouvier Champion, Fellstar du Clos des Cerberes. In my journey with Bouvs I've learned a lot.  My path has meandered through showing in conformation, and training in obedience, protection and my greatest love, herding.  To date, I've trained 4 Bouvs to advanced work in herding along with breeding and owning many that were mainstays working stock at home but never went to a trial.  I've bred, owned and/or trained Bouvs to garner High in Trials or Rsv HITs at several American Bouvier des Flandres Club National Specialties and NAWBA Championships.  Also, shown other breeds to National Specialty HITs or RsvHITs. I earned my judges license in AKC and AHBA along the way.  I now hope to share what I've learned .  Enjoy the journey!  

Pat Taylor